Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. Here are (some of) the answers:

How do I contact the 24x24 Photo Marathon?

You can contact us in two ways: Either through Twitter @24x24photo or by sending an email to info [at] 24x24photomarathon [dot] com.

What’s a photo marathon?

All photo marathons are a little different, but they generally follow the same basic idea: At a given date and time, a bunch of photographers get together and are given a theme for the hour. Each photographer takes a photo that captures their own special interpretation of the theme and submit it to the event organizers. The photographers come back for another theme at the start of the next hour, and the next, and so on until all the hours are up and all the photos are submitted! Most photo marathons last 12 hours and include 12 themes.

How is the 24x24 Photo Marathon different?

The 24x24 Photo Marathon is different in 4 ways: First, it takes place around the world at the same time, starting on May 24, 2020 at 00:00 UTC. Second, it lasts 24 hours as opposed to the traditional 12 hours. Third, the event is entirely online and open to anyone and everyone. Fourth and finally, there is no judging and no prizes in this event. The event is strictly for fun (and we’re serious about this!).

When does the event start?

Sunday May 24, 2020 at 00:00 UTC (i.e. midnight when May 23 turns to May 24 at Coordinated Universal Time).

Do I need to register to participate?

You do not need to register to take part in the 24x24 Photo Marathon. Posting photos with the correct hashtags makes you part of the event.

How do I participate?

There are 3 steps to participate:

  1. For 24 hours beginning May 24, 2020 at 00:00 UTC, check this website or Twitter (@24x24photo) for themes.
  2. Interpret the themes and take one photo for each theme.
  3. Upload your photos to Twitter or Instagram with the following 2 tags: #24x24photomarathon, and the hashtag for the theme (i.e. #24x24theme01 for your photo of the first theme, #24x24theme02 for your photo of the second theme, …#24x24theme24 for your photo of the last theme).

Where does it take place?

Wherever you are right now! The 24x24 Photo Marathon takes place entirely online. You can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an Internet connection (to view themes and post photos).

Will you see my photos if I use more hashtags?

Yes, you can add as many unrelated hashtags to your posts as you want (e.g. #photography, #TravelTheWorld). As long as you tag your photo with BOTH of the following 2 tags, they will appear on this website:

  1. #24x24photomarathon
  2. The theme tag (i.e. #24x24theme01 for your photo of the first theme, #24x24theme02 for your photo of the second theme, … #24x24theme24 for your photo of the last theme)

Will you see my photos if I misspell the hashtags?

Probably not. If you add extra digits to a hashtag or misspell it, we may not see your photo submissions. All photos should have BOTH the #24x24photomarathon hashtag AND ONE of the following theme hashtags:

  1. #24x24theme01
  2. #24x24theme02
  3. #24x24theme03
  4. #24x24theme04
  5. #24x24theme05
  6. #24x24theme06
  7. #24x24theme07
  8. #24x24theme08
  9. #24x24theme09
  10. #24x24theme10
  11. #24x24theme11
  12. #24x24theme12
  13. #24x24theme13
  14. #24x24theme14
  15. #24x24theme15
  16. #24x24theme16
  17. #24x24theme17
  18. #24x24theme18
  19. #24x24theme19
  20. #24x24theme20
  21. #24x24theme21
  22. #24x24theme22
  23. #24x24theme23
  24. #24x24theme24

Can I take breaks during the marathon?

Yes! We don’t expect everyone to stay up for 24 hours straight taking photos! Take breaks. Take naps. Eat.

Are there prizes to be won?

If you consider pride, honour, and bragging rights prizes, then yes! (Otherwise no, there are no official prizes to be handed out. We just think this will be fun!)

Can I participate even if I'm not a photographer?

Yes! Absolutely! All are welcome!

Can I participate even if I don't have a fancy camera?

Yes! You don’t need a fancy camera to participate – any camera or other device with photo capabilities will do!

Do I need to submit the photos within the hour that the theme was announced?

No, but it would be a lot cooler if you did! As long as all 24 of your photos are posted with hashtags before midnight (0:00 UTC May 25, 2020), you’ve officially completed the race! High five!

Can I edit my photos before submitting them?

Yes, you can edit your photos, but if you want to stay true to the Photo Marathon concept, post your photos without filters and editing.

Are there any rules about what can/can't be in the photos?

There are rules and policies in place for what can be posted on Twitter and Instagram. If an image can’t be shown on Twitter or Instagram because it doesn’t adhere to their policies, it will not be part of the 24x24 Photo Marathon. If you’d like to take part in this event, please keep in mind that these social media platforms enforce their content policies.

Do I get a medal for completing the photo marathon?

There are no prizes for this event, nor are there medals. That doesn't prevent you from making your own and posting a photo of it though!